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Customize Your Portfolio to Address Your Needs

There’s a lot of cookie-cutter investment advice out there, and while it’s often based in sound strategies, it doesn’t cater to your individual needs, time horizon, or risk tolerance. At 360 Financial Strategies, we offer a more customized approach for portfolio design and investment management.

We get to know you, discuss your investment goals, and assess your risk tolerance via a Riskalyze questionnaire. We'll then use Y-Chart to help select stocks that address your unique needs and can help towards your long-term goals. By designing a balanced, customized portfolio, we can help our clients manage long-term growth while mitigating unnecessary risks while aiming to protect your current assets.

Become Involved in Your Investments

While we can actively manage your account ourselves, we value the input of our clients and recognize the importance of helping you better understand your own investments. That’s why we educate our clients on investment strategies, and strive to engage you with your portfolio by selecting stocks that have meaning to you.

While we always prioritize stable, reliable stock options, we also aim to choose stock in companies that you recognize, brands that you purchase, and corporations you engage with in your personal life. By customizing your portfolio to your life, we hope to make you a more active participant in your investment decisions, and perhaps even cultivate some excitement in your stocks.

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